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Retirement Income Planning

Income for Life

When we meet with people who are already retired or close to retirement, we hear a recurring concern:

“How can I become less dependent on others and avoid outliving my savings?”

Did you know that a married couple at age 65 has a nearly 40% probability of at
least one of them living to age 95 or beyond (As reported by Mouton & Company, inc.)?

Retirees are increasingly becoming more concerned about living too long rather than dying too soon.

Since we are all living longer, it is possible we could deplete the assets in our retirement accounts sooner than we’d like.

This is a serious problem that you and our Retirement Distribution Specialists address with a retirement strategy called The Retirement Income Plan. 
The Plan seeks to:

  • Provide inflation adjusted income
  • Preserve your principal
  • Avoid outliving your savings
  • Decrease risk
  • Save taxes

We welcome you to join us to experience the comfort of knowing how your retirement assets will provide your income in the future.

Remember…There are no Do-Over’s at Retirement!

No strategy or plan assures success or protects against loss.